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IzzitMe with Blue Hair

About Me...IzzitMe

AKA What the Hell Am I Doing?

Hey Utopians, I guess you clicked on this About Me page because you want to know who I am and why I created this blog. Well, where do I start? With my name, I think is probably the best way. I'm Izzi Redman, or Isabelle if I'm in trouble and that right up there is me. I'm a late 20 something woman, rolling through life. I say rolling but I really mean falling down the stairs of life.

So, why am I here?

  • I love to craft, I can and will turn my hand to anything and everything, much to the annoyance of my partner, I could do with a whole house to store all my crafting equipment. I will try and show you everything, from design conception, through all my trial and errors and finally the completed item.

  • I have a passion for historical fashion and you will see that is a theme throughout my posts and projects.

  • I am an avid gamer (sorry, Mum!), but not just console or PC gaming, I love table top wargames, such as Warhammer, D&D and Bolt Action and make a lot of game terrain and models that fit with the different themes. I also do a lot of LARP (Live Action Role Play) and create all my own costumes for various characters.

I'm blog is unlikely to be 100% crafting, as I want to post frequently, however some projects can take a while to create, while others are quick, I will be posting regular updates on social media (links below and on the contact page), so you can see what I'm up to and get an idea of the next big blog post. I will likely open this out as a space for creativity and a place for inspiration, so please ask if there's anything you would like to see. This is a place for you to get *hopefully* helpful guides but also to get inspiration for your own projects.

So, let us begin on our journey, through the inevitably many mishaps and needle injuries.

 I would love to see the things you have created, so please tag my social media and let me and the community know what you struggled with and we can all help each other out.

Support me on social media and if your not crafty inclined but like what I've created and want something for yourself or a friend, then you can always pop over to my Etsy shop, I may not always have something in stock but I love taking commissions and would love to make you something special!

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