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Art Challenge 9 - Pizza Slice

Controversial opinion here but I think pizza is overrated. I'm not a huge fan of it, I rarely if ever get cravings for pizza and if I do I only ever get 2 types of it and those are chicken and peppers or....drum roll please for another controversial opinion.....pineapple, just pineapple, in fact the more the better. I think the sweet and salty mix of the pineapple and the cheese pairs well, so I have painted a picture of the pizza I like most, pineapple.

No it doesn't look the tastiest but it also doesn't look like a 2 year old has painted it either. I'm quite proud of the crust and for some reason I don't actually have a red in it....weird... it has a very nice dark pinky magenta colour, so I mixed that with a bit of brown. I didn't like that though so I just left it pale pink.

Personal Score - 6/10 - I like how the crust turned out but I definitely need to find a watercolour palette with a better red.

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