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Art Challenge 8 - Peonie Flower

I won't lie, I had to look up what a peonie flower looked like. I know some flowers, roses, lillies, buttercups but not peonies. They are really pretty flowers, full of petals, I think they might just be petals. I wasn't sure how to start this one, with all the shading and delicate colours. I opted for waterlcolour with no outline and really focused on not picking up too much colour on the brush. I think it came out really nice, light and delicate, which is what I was going for.

I'm not too proud of the leaves, they didn't quite turn out how I wanted them to or the stem, the stem is way worse haha.

I did it, I bought the set I wanted and some nice new brushes to go along with it, both from Amazon, affiliated links.

Personal Score - 7/10, I really like the abstract sort of feel to this, I'm really proud, except the leaves which need a bit more work.

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