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Art Challenge 7 - Eye

As I mentioned in...I want to say Art Challenge day 4.... I am not good at drawing people. That isn't however quite true, I love drawing eyes, I used to draw them everywhere! I mean everywhere, on my school books, on my bag, on my converse, on tables, absolutely everywhere! They always look the same though, one long curve and 2 straight lines and eyeliner to the gods but I think I have improved from my earlier attempts with the eyelashes and eyebrows, I'll try and find an old schoolbook to show the difference.

I felt quite confident with this challenge, as its one I've been doing most of my adolescence. Still need to work on my spacing and sizing but a week in and I'm still keeping up with it so I shouldn't put myself down too much. Maybe I should do a faint outline before committing to a layout? This was just done in a bog standard pencil, in need of sharpening, need to find my old pencil case and see what I can salvage.

Personal Score - 6/10 - I still need to work on shading and I think having flat paper would help with that, I might invest in a flat sketchbook.

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