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Art Challenge 5 - Self Portrait

I did a dumb and accidentally skipped over a day, so sorry but I'll do that one tomorrow.

I'm not a huge fan of drawing people, I'm not good with proportions...or colour.....or drawing. So I'm sure you can imagine how tough this one was, I'm fine with taking pictures of myself but drawing, I struggle with because I can only really draw anime looking characters and they always end up not looking like me or who I'm trying to draw.

I love colour but I'm not great at working with it. I used just bog standard Standtler pencil (which I've had forever) and an old set of watercolours that I got from a little shop ages ago. I do however want this shiny new watercolour set off of Amazon, they have good reviews and I've heard a lot of good things about Faber - Castell.

Personal Score - 8/10 I love rainbows and colour and although its simple, I don't think its inherently bad and I thought the proportions were pretty good too.

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