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Art Challenge 4 - Mountain

Today's challenge was mountains. I haven't seen many mountains but I did climb Snowdonia during my A-Levels and I have skied on some but all I remember from that was snow and screaming (I can at least tick it off my bucket list, although no broken bones, it was a really scary experience).

I took inspiration from those old school Japanese paintings, with high looming peaks and some sort of water features in the foreground. Channeling my inner Bob Ross.

I'm actually really proud of this, even though its basic and the watercolour paper is bobbly, I think it came out really nice.

I actually used model paints for this, from Citadel and also bought myself some nice shiny, new paintbrushes too, which you can get too from the affiliate link below!

Personal Score - 9/10 - Super proud of this, I think it might be the best thing I've ever painted.....and I did GCSE Art and Design (I was better with my hands, which my teacher hated, because I couldn't do 'traditional' art)

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