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Art Challenge 3 - Galaxy

I have only ever seen galaxies in pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope and they don't have nearly half as many colours as the trend galaxy stuff does, so I was inspired by the Milky Way, our galaxy, but also incorporating the colour scheme of the galaxy trend.

I used the same method of adding eyeshadow to white paint to create the Milky Way 'arms' and the rest is watercolour, the paper started the get bobbly, maybe I used too much water or too much pressure on the page? I'm using watercolour sketchbooks, by the way, I bought a trio from Amazon, I've put a link below, this is an affiliate link with no added cost to you but I will get a little something if you choose to purchase, please ready through my disclaimer on the legal bits page :)

Personal Score - 7/10 - I like it but I could have blended more :/

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