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Art Challenge 19 - Your Morning Cup of Coffee

I drink ..... a lot of coffee, like way too much, like addiction too much. I like to start off the day with just a tiny splash of milk, 1 sugar and like 2 scoops extra coffee granules and throughout the day I'll add more milk, maybe a cheeky latte.

I have this huge earthenware mug, with a rainbow glaze, its the perfect size for a morning cup and keeps it surprisingly warm for a long time.

A little close up of my coffee of death.

I used watercolour and a bronze Sharpie, that I got in a set from Amazon.

Personal Score - 8/10 - I like how the colours have blended well and it really is the dark teal colour of my mug, I need to do some work of perspective and shadow, that handle looks terrible and like it couldn't even hold itself up let alone a whole mug.

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