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Art Challenge 18 -Landmark I plan to Visit

I hope it's fairly obvious but I have always wanted to go to Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The sky filled with delicate cherry blossom petals, the scent of the flowers everywhere, it just strikes me as such a romantic experience. I know that the cherry trees bloom throughout the year in Japan and I'm not too fond of crowds so I wouldn't go during the Spring.

Japan is just a place I've always wanted to go, the culture, the food and amazing clothing scene have fascinated me for a long time, I even did a project for GCSE Textiles on the different clothing styles in Japan.

I used Citadel acrylic model paints for this in a wide range of colours, there are at least 2 shades of each colour, as well as using my new paintbrushes.

Personal Score - 8/10 - While it is a bit more abstract, I could have put more focus on the delicate petals falling and making the trunks look like trunks and not just brown blobs.

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