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Art Challenge 15 - Words That Inspire Me

I thought long and hard about my favourite quotes but most of them don't spark inspiration but fond memories or just liking the book.

I thought of doing a quote by Death from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and how profound he is, or a famous quote by some great thinker but none really inspired me in a way that I would say, yes that is what I aspire to be or what I aspire to do with my life.

So I started to thinking about words that I live by, words that I constantly say, I suppose you could call this my mantra. I say it when I'm about to go headfirst into a project I have zero knowledge about, I said it before exams I knew zero about, I say it when I finish something I may or may not be happy with or when I'm not sure if something is finished or not. It's my all use mantra, it fits almost every situation.

I did gem stones, as I've been looking at a lot of faux gem necklaces and I would like to try making a couple.

Personal Score - 10/10 - I'm biased for a bit of swearing and blue and pink.

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