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Art Challenge 13 &14 - Fav Sushi and Fav Fast Food

I'll start of by apologising for this one. I joined 2 days together because I was lazy and they seemed to fit quite well together.

Si I'm not a huge fan of traditional sushi, raw fish is not my thing and working in *enter generic sushi shop name here* has made me hate it on a whole new level. With that out of the way I do like making sushi...when I can....and when I can make the sticky rice not too sticky. I am quite partial to maki rolls, particularly make with cucumber, avocado and chicken ones.

With my fav fast food, I really like Japanese food, especially katsu and takoyaki , I guess just fried foods. I love chicken katsu curry, its sweet, its salty, its crunchy, what more could you want in a meal and its 'fairly' healthy.

So yeah, they don't look particularly appetising and as I said earlier, I was feeling a little lazy today.

Personal Score - 3/10

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