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Art Challenge 12 - Map of my Favourite City

All my favourite cities are fictional and clearly I was not thinking straight when I sat down to do today's challenge.....becuase I decided to just do a map from one of my favourite books. Panem from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I know what your thinking "but Izzi that isn't a city, that is barely just one country, besides its fictional, you don't really know where anything is". Yes, I know that but I have created my own map of Panem, from piecing bits of my memory from when I read it last and thinking general logistics of places.

Panem, I always thought was based around a futuristic North America or at least just the Unitied States. Now there are many things in the books that didn't translate the same way I thought they would on the silver screen but this is a quick overview of where I thought each district was.

Know hear me out, as soon as I finished drawing this I said, this isn't anything like how I pictured it in my head and I think that is mainly due to me thinking about all the rolling hills and sprawling trees that litter the landscape.

So the districts as I remember them:

The Capitol - Rich People - Lady Gaga-esque clothing, see everything as a game and have no cares in the world.

1 - Luxuries - Where I think her name was Glimmer and Marvel were from, pretty much were shoe in's to win the Hunger Games.

2 - Quarries - Where Cato and Clove come from, I think District 2 are supposed to be the most liked by the Capitol or at least they like the Capitol the most, I'm not sure if it's explained but that's how I remember it.

3 - Electronics - I think they make the firearms, as well as all the mechanisms that make The Hunger Games work.

4 - Fishing - I always thought this district was next to 10, it made sense in my head that fishing and animal products were together.

5 - Electricity and Power - I think a girl called Foxface was from here.

6 - Transportation - I assume that the trains are made here but I think I also remember reading that they were made in District 2, which doesn't really make sense to me.

7 - Lumber - Tree's glorious trees, I can't remember much about District 7, except that they jumped from the trees onto the Peacekeepers (soldiers) during the uprising.

8 - Textiles - I don't know if the Capitol fashions are supposed to be made here, I know that the Peacekeepers uniforms are but other than that, my mind is drawing a blank on any info about District 8.

9 - Farming - Specifically crops, I don't know much else, sorry.

10 - Farming - Livestock, would make sense to be near the crops for less travel between farms.

11 - Agriculture - I remember Rue talking about the apple trees she would climb.

12 - Coal Mining - Where Katniss and Peeta are from, a very poor, sickly and hungry district.

13 - Nuclear - I'm not sure whether they were intended to just be nuclear power or if it was for weaponry too. I know they all move under ground and out of the Capitol's watch after they attempted to bomb them to oblivion.

Military Sector - I always imagined this as completely separate from any other district, although I know that District 2 produces the most Peacekeepers, so I put them close by.

I know this one has been much longer than my other art challenges and I thank you for sticking around for a search through Izzi's memories. I'm going to try harder at not just doing boring line drawings and actually pushing myself.

Personal Score - 5/10 - I don't think I can remember things.

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