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Art Challenge?

So with all the crappy things that are happening in the world at the moment and the down right shit show 2020 has been currently, I have decided to at least put my spare time to work. I want to develop my skills in art, as I am better with making my imaginings come true with my hands but no so much at putting them down on paper.

So I have been searching the internet for an art challenge, similar to Ink-tober on Instagram and Tumblr. After many.....many hours of staring at month long lists, I decided not to one of those.....they were very much above my talent grade. I changes tact and started to look for sketchbook filler, they tend to cover a wide range of subjects, rather than a singular theme.I came across this 100 page filler list.

Although I have no idea where it comes from (I've done reverse image searches but it only comes up as Pinterest), it is perfect, a mix of 'easy' subjects and ones that use more technical ability. I will admit, I won't be doing feet....eugh...I can't stand feet and I will not stare at them to draw them.

So my aim is to post an art everyday, of course, I sure life will get in the way sometimes but I will do my very best to keep on top of it, as it is something I want to pursue and get better at. I will caption each drawing/painting/whatever with the supplies I used and where necessary put in affiliate links (I don't have many affiliates but it would really help me out if you would take a look and use my code or link to purchase <3 ).

I hope you look forward to some amazingly terrible artwork, most of which I will probably put on my etsy but please bear with me, while I set it up.

Thank you for giving me a chance to entertain you :)

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